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Rodney Johns

Vice Basileus :
Robert Murrell

Keeper of Records & Seal:
Craig Commodore

Keeper of Finance :
Willie Jackson

Chaplain :
Charles Maxwell

Keeper of Peace :
Kenneth Jackson

Randall Wilson

Chapter Webmaster:


Committee Chair
Social Action:
Norman Robinson

John H. Spillers IV

James Garner

Eric Taylor

Talent Hunt:
Nelson Render

Dekalb Clean Up:
Francois Russ

Geoffrey Gordon

Achievement Week:
Tyrone Mallette

Curtis York

Public Relations & Media:
Melvin Richardson

Tim Roberson

History Of KAA



The Kappa Alpha Alpha Chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc., begins as a dream, a distant but real hope in the minds of 12 Omega brothers in Decatur, Georgia. These brothers hoped to have form a fraternal entity under the auspices of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. They dedicated their endeavor to the Fraternity’s Founding Fathers - Frank Coleman, Oscar J. Cooper, Ernest E. Just and Edgar A. Love - and sought to emulate the aspirations that brought the Founders’ together at Howard University on a fall evening Friday, November 17, 1911.

Formation and Expansion

On a summer day on June 1, 1979 the “Association of Omega Men”, which was to become Kappa Alpha Alpha Chapter was organized. The founding brothers of Kappa Alpha Alpha Chapter were; Lloyd P. Atkins, Alonza A. Bennett, first Basileus, Robert Cannon, Glenn E. Ford, first Keeper of Records and Seal, Alfonza L. Gayle, James George (deceased), Edward Hargrave, Jr., Ronald Jackson, Alvin Sanders, Eric Turpin, Webster Wallace and James Witherspoon.

Almost immediately, these brothers who had just established their place in Omega History by starting the formation of a new chapter turned their vision to the future. Their next step took place at the 59th Grand Conclave in August 1979 in Denver, Colorado. The late Brother Ulysses G. Horne, then 7th District Representative at that time presented an application to the Supreme Council to establish a graduate chapter for us. The Supreme Council approved our application with one abstention. Thus, Kappa Alpha Alpha Chapter was officially born.

On September 22, 1979 members of the Supreme Council signed the Chapter Charter. On Saturday, November 10, 1979, Brother Ulysses G. Horne presented the Charter to the brothers at the George Moore Center on the campus grounds of St. Philip A. M. E. Church located in Decatur, Georgia. Kappa Alpha Alpha Chapter now joined with the many other Chapters in the Seventh District, which included the States of Alabama, Florida, Mississippi and Georgia as well as over 700 Chapters throughout the United States, the Virgin Island, Germany and Africa, representing thousands of college educated men.

Throughout the years of existence, Kappa Alpha Alpha Chapter has remained true to the Four Cardinal Principles on which the Fraternity was founded. The chapter continues its commitment to social action and Dekalb Community at large - based on programs which are designed to aid and meet the needs of all people, thereby, hopefully moving our society closer toward the goals of true friendship - “Friendship is Essential to the Soul”. This is a short summary of the Chapter’s history.

Lineage of KAA Chapter
Past Chapter_Basilei

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